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Saman Technical and Engineering Company or (PAEEIZAN RAH SAMAN SEPEHR SHARGH ) (SAMAN C.I.S.E), provides and imports the latest and most up-to-date equipment directly and without intermediaries from the world's top manufacturers, with more than 13 years of experience and implementation of various projects in the country and direct supply of required equipment Projects.

Also, Saman Company announces its readiness to implement integrated home automation and building management (BMS) systems and all intelligent systems, by using its research and experienced team, in the field of energy saving solutions and design of intelligent systems based on Basis of KNX protocol and common intelligent protocols in the field of design, consulting and implementation of intelligent and new building technologies. The company has provided its services with respect to the choice of customers and observing all the necessary standards and maintaining the highest level of quality and unique design that is in accordance with the style of interior layout and exterior of the building , according to issues such as the type of building use, urban planning issues and the amount of specialized budget, a more appropriate choice is made by customers, which is one of the factors of success and technical advantages of Saman Engineering with other companies.

Also, Saman Technical and Engineering Company has several records of smartening in the following fields:

Smartening office commercial places
Smartening of multi-storey car parkings
Smartening of residential places
Smartening of Hospitals
Smartening of Hotels
Smartening of Villas

Saman Technical and Engineering Company offers various equipments with competitive prices to its colleagues all over the country in general and in detail, considering that it imports the equipment directly and without intermediaries in cooperation with Farhadian Trading Company.
Farhadian Trading and Saman Technical and Engineering Company are ready for any cooperation and contract with all organs, construction projects and individuals. Contact us for more information.


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