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 Smart parking systems in large buildings and multi-purpose complexes

Saman Technical and Engineering Company has regulated the car parking process and has brought many benefits to visitors and managers of the complexes by providing intelligent parking systems in large commercial, office, residential, recreational, hospital, airport and other buildings and complexes. Human intervention with these intelligent parking systems has been minimized, and the installation and commissioning of such automated equipment, while saving time and money, will bring more comfort and well-being to building users.

Saman Engineering Technical Company provides various solutions to the owners and managers of large buildings and complexes in metropolitan areas, by representing major global brands in the field of intelligent parking system and intelligent parking control equipment.

The most important intelligent parking systems in large buildings and multi-purpose complexes are:

- Parking Management System (PMS)
- Parking Guidance System (PGS)
- Smoke Exhaust System and Parking Pollution System (SMS)

What is a parking management system (PMS) and what are its benefits, capabilities and facilities?

Parking management system helps to fully and accurately aware of the number of vehicles in the parking, increase the safety factor of vehicles during traffic, entry, exit and stop, reduce the amount of manpower involved and increase safety and ease of receiving costs automatically or manually. In the parking management system, equipment such as traffic gates, vehicle presence sensors with the possibility of direction detection, height detection sensors to prevent the entry of vehicles with unauthorized height, video cameras (to identify license plates and drivers) are used.

Advantages of parking management system:

- Full and accurate knowledge of the number and location of vehicles in the parking lot at the moment
- Increasing the safety factor of vehicles when traveling, entering, leaving and stopping
- Reduce vehicle registration time in the system - Increase safety and security for vehicles and passengers
- Ease and speed of receiving expenses automatically or manually
- Energy saving and management - Traffic management and access to the complex, especially during peak times