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Parking smoke and pollution management system (SMS)

It is not possible to evacuate air naturally in closed or semi-open car parks, and the injection of fresh air, the exit of polluted air and the flow between the two must be done mechanically. Today, the new parking ventilation system has been proposed as a suitable system in the management of smoke evacuation and parking pollution, using air supply and evacuation techniques and with the help of parking jets.

Jets can circulate the air in the parking lot with their coordinated function and perform the task of transferring air from the power supply to the discharge source in the best way. Because the realization of the parking air evacuation system depends on the following goals, so the correct and accurate design of this system is very important in achieving these goals.

Objectives of Smoke evacuation system and parking pollution:

- Installation of smoke escape routes
- Assisting firefighters by creating smoke-free routes
- Reducing damage caused by burning structural components during a fire
- Reducing damage caused by smoke, heat and toxic gases from a fire
- delaying and preventing the full spread of a fire