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 History and origins of the KNX standard

The KNX / EIB International Standard was established by the KNX Institute in 1997 to implement smart buildings. This standard is now considered as the most popular standard protocol in the field of home automation systems after 25 years of experience by simple, practical and principled communication between the electronic equipment of the building. Now, more than 200 famous and well-known companies in the world under the KNX protocol offer their intelligent equipment to customers, including lighting control systems, electric curtain control, air conditioning, audio systems, opener systems, intercom systems and security systems.

Saman Technical and Engineering Company is one of the Iranian companies with KNX standard in Iran. With this protocol, it is possible to use intelligence in construction applications, including residential, office, villa, commercial, hotel, schools and… for ideal management to reduce energy consumption, high speed of sending and receiving information, remote control capability by telephone and internet, extending the life of equipment as well as the ability to combine different brands can be implemented.

KNX / EIB system is a kind of intelligent system in the field of installation of building electrical equipment that has brought a comfortable, safe and flexible life with the help of automatic operation technology or remote control. The condition for using this system is to predict the equipment in the drawing stage of the building.

Experts of The Saman technical and engineering Company can plan almost any instructions for the system because they are completely familiar with this type of system. An important feature of the KNX / EIB intelligent system is that it can be upgraded and expanded at any time without any damage or noise. This will be easily programmed if what is expected of the system is actually a new type of performance.

Intelligent system capabilities:

A very important and basic feature in technology is its simple and easy application. With just one push and touch, all light scenarios can be performed. It is possible to enjoy some kind of music in all rooms and spaces with the help of intelligent sound system, or it is possible to coordinate the protection functions of the building and the user against sunlight on the south side of the building or sunlit parts with each other.

The level of security in smart villas and residential homes can be increased with a set of different solutions. For example, by connecting smoke sensors to an intelligent system, the sensors will sound the alarm, in which case, when the occupants are asleep, the sensors' alarms can ensure that not only the occupants wake up but also the lights of all the rooms and the curtains go up to Open escape routes.

KNX standard benefits

Some of the advantages and benefits of this type of standard are:

- Short installation time using network installation system
- Reduce costs due to intelligent energy management
-The lowest transfer cost of equipment in any future land use change
- Shorten the recovery time and increase system flexibility
-Safety and security (protection of building users against theft and fire…)
-Easy monitoring and troubleshooting in the form of beautiful designs suitable for any type of interior decoration
- Using the latest technology in building intelligence (High Tech) -
-Increase efficiency, high efficiency
-Ability to control the system seamlessly
-Definition of various application scenarios and control zones
-Use of IP network platforms
-High speed of sending and receiving data
- Remote control capability by telephone and internet
-Safety and security More flexibility (simple conversions and changes) than similar protocols
-Increase equipment life
-Beauty and variety of the product while matching with any decoration