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What is a parking guidance system (PGS) and what are its benefits and functions?

Usually, the parking guidance system (PGS) is a system consisting of a variety of equipment that helps drivers find the most appropriate place to park their car in less time. It has been proven that using the parking guidance system reduces the time to find a parking space by half and has increased the number of customers of the complex from 3 to 5%.

In general, a parking guidance system consists of three stages as follows:

Step 1: A large monitor at the entrance of the building shows the number of available parking spaces on each floor as the driver / customer enters the parking.
Step 2: There is another display as soon as the driver / customer arrives at the main intersection, notifying them that there are several accessible parking spaces on the right, left and in front of you.
Step 3: When the driver or customer reaches the hallway or corridor, looking at the LED lamp in any space, he realizes that green indicates the presence of an empty parking space and another color means that the park is full or forbidden in the space.