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Why should residential homes be made smart?

This smart home or home technology brings convenience, comfort and energy efficiency to business owners or homeowners by controlling appliances with a smart app on a smartphone or other internet-connected device. In this way, customer consumption data is shared between home appliances and tasks and affairs according to the customer's wishes are done automatically.

What is a smart home?

When we talk about home intelligence, we do not mean completely new and advanced tools or robots. Sometimes home intelligence is limited to replacing home appliances and appliances with Internet-enabled or automated ones. (Such as switches and lamps, thermostats and intelligent safety systems).
In the smart home, all available smart devices are connected to each other via the Internet or by phone and SMS (SMS) and are under the control of the residents of the house, even remotely.

Implementation of residential home smartening and its advantages :

Some of the advantages and benefits of implementing residential smart home are as follows: Unlimited and desired scenarios and designing all things you expect from your smart home system, Provide different lighting scenarios in order to beautify as much as possible and provide adequate lighting in special times such as sleeping, leaving the house, study time, eating, watching TV and entertaining guests…
Ability to turn lights and appliances on and off using smart keys in the smart home
Ability to dim and bright all lights
Ability to control air conditioning and cooling and heating systems and electric curtains
Ability to control all devices via remote control and (Apple Android - iOS) and Wi-Fi

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The above are examples of smart home technologies

Smart TVs : These types of TVs connect to the Internet to access the content of applications and applications such as video and music on demand.

Intelligent lighting system : This type of intelligent system, in addition to remote control and programming capabilities, can detect that the occupants are in another room and adjust the light as needed. In addition, smart lamps have the ability to adjust themselves to daylight.

Smart thermostats : These types of systems allow the homeowner to remotely control the room temperature. These devices learn the behaviors of the homeowner. That is, these types of systems automatically remember how cold or hot you are, and automatically adjust their settings to provide the highest quality comfort and convenience to your occupants. Smart thermostats have the ability to report energy consumption and remind users that it is time to replace filters.

Smart locks : With the use of smart locks and automatic door openers, the door can be easily opened or closed. In addition, it is possible to open and close the door remotely with smart locks. In other words, it can be said that when you are not at home, you can open the door remotely for people who are left behind.

These locks are equipped with a fingerprint sensor and RFID card, a touch keyboard to unlock through a password and a mechanical key. Therefore, you can identify anyone who enters. In addition, you can only allow certain people to enter.

This product is suitable for homes, hotels, villas, offices, data centers, etc

Smart door and window sensors :Using this type of smart door and window sensors, you can ensure that the doors and windows are open or closed.

Smart Security Cameras :When the occupants of the house are outside, they can monitor and control the house with the help of this type of smart security cameras. These motion sensors are capable of detecting residents, guests, pets, thieves and suspicious people, and can distinguish everyone well from each other and inform the user of suspicious behaviors.

Animal Feeders :These types of systems that are connected to the Internet can help you take care of them.

Irrigation of plants and grasses : Gardens that have intelligent irrigation and fertilization are always green. Because the irrigation management plan of all green space and its control is based on the time and schedule during the week.

Smart curtains : Smart curtains, both vertical and horizontal, can be opened or closed as desired to any size (from zero to one hundred).