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 Intelligent building management systems control solutions

In smart office systems, different issues are raised for users. In office environments, control systems such as lighting, air conditioning control, management control priorities, visibility systems, and sensors are all included in the KNX protocol.

Various functions of intelligent systems

● Intelligent lighting control system

This system, in addition to turning on and off each header, has special and unique features, including the following:

- Integrated lighting system control
- adjust the brightness to the desired level
- execute various scenarios with the push of a button
- reduce energy consumption

● Engine room mechanical installation control system

Maintenance and monitoring will be simpler, with the introduction of intelligent systems to control the engine room. Consuming intelligent systems can inform the user of problems in the system, by measuring the power of the pump or the delay of the boiler temperature to the required value, and the user can take the necessary measures to prevent or eliminate defects as soon as possible. Also, controlling and checking the system, by having a graphical port for the user will be easier and simpler.

● Air conditioning systems

Air conditioning systems in office buildings are central. That is, by smartening the engine room and air conditioning system, all its processes become intelligent and users are not allowed to control manually. The desired temperature is read by smart keys, but the ideal temperature is controlled by the central system.
In office systems, solenoid valves can be used to reduce energy consumption and optimize its systems, depending on the fan coils and systems implemented on them.

● Electric curtain systems​

Due to the use of electric shutters, sunlight can be used optimally in office buildings. This means that depending on the position and intensity of the light, the blades must be adjusted to make better use of the available natural light. Also, smart electric curtain systems are used in some buildings, which use canopies for protection, so that they can be easily controlled.

● Audio playback systems

Audio sound systems can be considered as music for lobby and paging systems or conference systems. These systems can be adjusted to a specific intensity, depending on the type of environment, and each can be distributed to a specific environment.

● security systems

Security issues are a separate system of their kind. Security issues are, in a sense, a different separate system, leading to a series of specific controls in intelligent systems. One of these is the presence of motion sensors to control the movement or presence of people in the unit, door and window magnets to indicate whether they are open or closed, and the display of CCTV cameras on touch screens.