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Building smartening advice

In the smart home, there are various issues to decide that according to those issues and the priority of each, the best choice can be made, but the important point is that each person's preferences are different, for example the personal preference of the person who builds the building for sale in a medium area. The person who builds the building for sale in a luxury neighborhood is different, and the same person will have different priorities than the person who builds the building for personal use.
Therefore, priorities should be identified and decisions should be made accordingly.

● Prioritize requests:
The first step in building intelligence consulting is to prioritize customer demands. In general, people who want to make the building smarter should consider their priorities. - The main priorities of customers are: Quality - Price - Appearance - Features - Value for money - Warranty - Service - How to operate - How to implement a smart home and etc

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● Smart home facilities

Another important issue in smart consulting is the it’s facilities. In introducing the building when selling and presenting the unit, facilities are very important and play a very vital role. Smart home facilities can attract the customer's attention, because facilities such as stone type, ceramic type and cabinet brand, always determine the quality of the building States. The winner here is the one who can talk about special and new features, for example, the control of the lighting system of this unit is smart, or you can control the heating and cooling of the unit before reaching home with mobile software, and such cases, of course, these features and this facilities will be attractive for every customer and he will want this apartment unit.

● Product quality (building intelligence equipment)

Some manufacturers do not pay attention to the quality of the product and only believe that at the time of sale, the systems work properly, then how the system works will be the responsibility of buyers, if the product has good quality, it will satisfy customers, and new customers will be increased.

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