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 What is a smart curtain?

Smart curtains are not weird and different curtains. The same curtain on the window of your room can be smart.
You should have to install special rails instead of regular blinds. Then, you can open or close the curtains with the control device or even your smartphone, or program it so that you can open and close them automatically whenever you want.

What are the features and benefits of a smart curtain?

● Comfort

You can only open or close the curtains easily by pressing a button or touching the screen of your phone or tablet. This advantage is noticeable in windows that are difficult to access.

● Programmability and scenarioability

You can program these types of curtains, which means you can program smart curtains that open or close at certain times of the day. In addition, they may be sensitive to light and open or close at sunrise and sunset.

● Increase home security

Nowadays, in order to prevent any kind of burglary and theft in homes, it is necessary to make homes smarter. Given the previous advantage, if you go on a long trip, these smart curtains will open and close at certain times of the day according to the specified scenario and schedule that you have given them. In this case, no one will think that you are not at home.

● Compatibility with other smart home appliances

Smart curtains have the ability to work in harmony with other smart home appliances. For example, if there is a multi-purpose input and output module in one of the smart devices, the smart curtain can be connected to it. Either, these curtains can be connected to a smartphone and operate according to the planned instructions, or they have the ability to connect to the smart thermostat of the house and open and close in accordance with it based on temperature of the house.

● Save energy

The energy costs in your home will be significantly reduced as long as your smart curtain system is connected to a smart thermostat in your home. In such cases, the curtains, which are smart, know that they must be closed in the hottest hours of summer days, so that the cool air of the cooler does not come out of the window joints and seams and open on cold winter days and hours, until sunlight enters the house and warms the houses. (Of course, in this scenario, the curtain light sensor also plays an important role).
Therefore, the energy consumption of your home will be greatly reduced.